Rockstars were yesterday!

We are icons of the underground! 

The future of Rock'n'Show

... is currently being written by us! We are working on the worldsbest show.

Entertainer at the limit

"Music-magic, parody-pantomime, theater-trash? 

Ms. Italia and Mr. Rockalicious are underground stars. They catapult mainstream to non-verbal meta-art. Some like it, others hate it. Most don't get it. 
Their sense of humor is special. Their specialty: nonsense paired with sarcasm. Is this serious or trash?

They don't need words to cause confusion. Hoop & eguitar is enough to start their cringe artthing. 
With this they start their very own show rebellion."

someone in some newspaper

The face of a thousand words. Bella Donna of stage chaos. Hulahoop revolutionary.

Rock 'n' Show Man. Inventor of show transcendence 2.0. Likes to do somersaults – on the Fender.

Ms. Italia &
Mr. Rockalicious

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Clear the stage for: 

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mitossi up your life!

- only live is live -

What we are not!

Rock Clowns, Trash Glamourists, Cringe Entertainer, Comedy Rockstars, Show Rebels



None. So far only played in dive bars.

Yes, seriously. To be precise: shabby city fests, mangy village taverns, second-rate festivals, square company celebrations, 4 ½ star New Year's Eve events, open-air spectacles aka grass, dust & gravel gigs and yes, also private parties in hotels & restaurants - always between buffet and DJ MC hit parade.

Please ask our psychiatrist about other groundbreaking career stages.

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